Capatus Group

Why Choose Us?

Capatus Enterprises Private Limited is Established in 2018, with big dreams, Capatus Enterprises Private Limited started operations in Surat, Gujarat. Our clients are mostly situated Out of India. Some of our clients are also based locally in India.

By combining all our enterprises, we aim to become a leading organization, dealing in several industries simultaneously. We strive to be a complete solution, fulfilling client requirements in the respective industries in which we operate.  

The organization firmly believes in adding value to users’ lives by delivering quality products. Every aspect of our work involves quality raw materials, industry-approved processes, and experienced professionals, leading to successful results! 

 The Gebo Game is the first game developed under the banner of Capatus Enterprises Private Limited, our platform to offer users an exciting and memorable gaming experience in which users are offered a chance to win exiting amount Gift Vouchers with every level up.Click Here

As for our Diamond Section, Capatus Diamond, we plan to expand our activities by extending our diamond-related services in the future. As for now, we are deeply engaged in trading and exporting diamonds throughout India and other specific countries around the globe.  

Our Electronic Enterprise delivers quality and affordable Desktop, CPU, Thin Client and Mini PC directly to businesses and individuals that require electronics that will serve their purpose effectively.

Vision and Mission


Supplying Best Quality diamonds to various countries as well as locally. 

We aim to provide users with a fun and enjoyable gaming experience in which they can be rewarded with coupons and Gift’s. 

Giving on time World class Service and Best quality Product  


We strive to become a globally recognized and renowned diamond trader and exporter of high-quality diamonds. 

Our mission is to become a popular game owner that can make games suited to mobile gamers’ current and foreseeable preferences.  

Our mission is give 100% satisfaction to all the customer and Build long term relation.

Our Services

All our services are based around providing the best services to our clients and customers worldwide. Our existing Diamond Export and Trading business has been providing excellent diamonds based on international standards. We have also chosen to foray into the gaming market. This is an informed decision taken after careful research to provide mobile users with a new gaming option.

Diamond Manufacturing, Trading and Export

Acting as a wholesaler, Capatus Group deals in the trade of bulk quantities of diamonds to smaller resellers and jewellery makers.

We look forward to sourcing, trading, and circulating diamonds locally in India and internationally to countries looking for genuine, high-quality diamonds that have been legally sourced and mined without causing extreme environmental damage

Apart from trading locally, we also engage in exporting our diamonds to other countries where our diamonds and price fit the requirements.

Going above and beyond, we ensure the continuous availability of diamonds throughout various areas of the world. With steady and regular business growth in North Africa and the Middle East, our services are focused but limited to these areas.

Using safe and reliable export and delivery partners, we are able to export our diamonds to various parts of the world in a reasonable amount of time. Export packaging and security are carefully chosen to ensure purchases are delivered on time and safely.

Electronics Assemble and Service Provider

Desktop, CPU, Thin Client and Mini PC have become an essential part of our day-to-day life. From the office to home and from work to entertainment. Zerabyte Technology deals with the best-quality Desktop, CPU, Thin Client and Mini PC assembling services along with accessories at affordable rates. We are up-to-date with the current innovations in electronics and thus keep brand-new & classic models of desktops, laptops, and accessories that you can easily choose from. We also offer thin client systems to our clients who require secure environments to operate their businesses.

We have managed a team of professional who is always ready for our client’s assistance. You just need to contact us.

Our Company DETACARE is provide AMC (Anual maintenance Contract) for School, Collage, Corporate Houses, Hospital, Bank, etc.

Gaming Application

The GEBO Game is a unique game with a very different strategy and storyline than other games currently being offered. 

This gaming application prompts players to make a random prediction of what icon is on the token. After making a selection and a bet, the token will be overturned. Correct predictions lead to a bonus. However, an incorrect prediction will lead to lost coins. also Users can get Every level exiting amount of gift card absolutely free.

Frequently asked questions

Are your diamonds lab-grown or natural?

The diamonds we deal in are all natural and have been sourced from legitimate mining projects

Do you deal in rough diamonds or polished diamonds?

We deal in polished diamonds and cater to bulk requirements for these natural gems. Our services are mostly related to trading and exporting polished diamonds.

Where are you situated?

We are situated in Surat, Gujarat, in India.

Do you export diamonds worldwide? What are the costs?

Yes, we do ship internationally. The costs vary depending on several factors, such as location, the value of the shipment, the size of the shipment, rules, regulations, and duty costs that apply to that particular location.

Our Stories

Capatus Group is a group of companies consisting of Capatus Games and Capatus Diamond.

Our Capatus Diamond enterprise is responsible for sourcing diamonds, trading them locally, and exporting them to other countries as we trade diamonds internationally.   

Additionally, we have ventured out into the gaming industry with our other enterprise Games, which so far offers the Gebo game, an online game with a unique story and strategy. 

Guided by the immense demand for electronics such as computers, laptops, and their accessories, our electronic manufacturing sector, Zerabyte Technology and DETACARE caters towards these requirements while using exceptional processing, AMC and components.      

Merging our enterprises, we aim to become a major player in the gaming and electronic industry and a globally reliable diamond trading and exporting expert.   



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