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"Our passion drives quality products and services, fostering trust and lasting connections."

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Capatus Diamonds Solution for Jewelry

"Exquisite diamonds, timeless brilliance. Elevate your moments with our stunning collection. Unmatched quality and unparalleled craftsmanship. Your sparkle is our passion."

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Unearth the Beauty, Brilliance, and Elegance

Zerabyte Technology Solution for thin client

"Innovative tech, sleek design. Elevate your digital experience with Zerabyte. Precision, power, and style - redefine computing excellence."

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Your Ultimate Companion for Cutting-Edge Computing and Seamless Digital Experiences!


Gebo Games Multi Gaming Platform

"Seamless gaming synergy, diverse titles. Elevate your play on our dynamic multigaming platform. Where every gamer finds their epic journey."

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Dive into the Ultimate Multigaming Experience with Our Cutting-Edge Platform!


Our Goal Is To Provide The Best Products And Solutions
Capatus Group Diamonds

CAPATUS Diamonds

Redefining refinement with excellent diamonds, our business is the pinnacle of accuracy and distinction. Each stone sculpted with everlasting beauty conveys a tale of excellence, extravagance, and unfading brilliance.

Capatus Group digital services

ZERABYTE Technology

Advanced computer solutions are driving innovation. Our technology offers dependability, performance, and connectivity for a constantly changing digital environment, redefining possibilities.

Capatus Group online gaming

GEBO Games

The GEBO Games are a mobile-first gaming universe. You may play all of your favorite free games in one app, including UNO, Teen Patti, Rummy, Ludo, Poker, Blackjack 21, Freecell Solitaire, Roulette, and SORAT Chart Games.

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Capatus Group
Capatus Group


Our company is hereto help you

Capatus Group was established in 2018 with big dreams. Capatus Enterprises Private Limited started operations in Surat, Gujarat. Our clients are mostly situated outside of India. Some of our clients are also based locally in India.

Board of Directors

Strategic visionaries are steering the company's course. The Board of Directors guides decisions, fosters growth, and ensures corporate governance for success.

Capatus Group

Chirag Kheni

Founder & CEO
Committed to making a positive impact through knowledge and empathy.
Capatus Group

Gaurang Kheni

Passionate about communication, technology, and lifelong growth.